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Ovulation tests NZ team

This is an info-graphic on how your menstrual cycle and ovulation affect your moods.

John Peek, PhD from Fertility Associates explains how your hormones influence ovulation and your menstrual cycle.

There are other ways to predict your ovulation and your most fertile days. Women dance more gracefully, and men are more attracted to them during the most fertile days. This was filmed by Bernhard Fink, at the University of Göttingen, Germany.

This is obviously not a serious way to test for your ovulation, but what a fun one! :)

Ovulation test: ovulating women wear red
Ovulation test: ovulating women wear red

Researchers Alec Beall and Jessica Tracy from the University of British Columbia enlisted 124 women to participate in a study in relation to women’s ovulation and the colour. Women were told to report the number of days since their last period and the colour of the shirt they wore on each day.

Women close to ovulation were more likely to wear a red/pink-coloured shirt compared to women at low-conception risk; 40 percent vs. 7 percent. They found that 76 percent of women in Sample A and 80 percent of women in Sample B who were wearing red/pink were at peak fertility, suggesting that red/pink-coloured clothing is a strong indicator of ovulation.