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Ovulation tests is a reliable method to help you learn when you ovulate. Are you trying to conceive? We understand that trying to conceive can be an exciting, but sometimes also challenging journey. When it comes to determining your fertile window, ovulation tests can be a trusted ally. And you may be able to speed up your journey towards parenthood when you know your fertile days in advance and time correctly.

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Fertility kit: 40 Ovulation tests + 2 pregnancy tests $36.95

We suggest opting for 40 ovulation test strips, which is our most popular and cost-effective choice. This amount should be sufficient to test four menstrual cycles, provided your cycle is regular and lasts up to 30 days.

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How do ovulation strips work?

Ovulation prediction strips (OPKs) detect an increase in luteinising hormone (LH) in your urine, helping you anticipate ovulation 24-36 hours in advance. The test is quick and straightforward, taking only a minute to perform and providing results within five minutes. You can use OPKs at any time of the day.

Why use ovulation prediction kits?

It’s commonly believed that a woman ovulates on the 14th day after her period starts; however,this can vary greatly among individuals and from month to month. Understanding your unique cycle is essential for your journey to conception.

The follicular phase, or the time between the first day of your period and ovulation, can fluctuate in length. On the other hand, the luteal phase, which spans from ovulation to the first day of your period, usually lasts 14 days. For some women, the luteal phase may be shorter than 10 days, which is not normal and can indicate a luteal phase defect. Women with this condition might have difficulty conceiving and should consult a doctor or specialist/endocrinologist.

Basal temperature charting is a low-tech method of tracking your cycle, but it requires discipline, as you need to take and record your temperature every morning. Ovulation tests are an easier and more reliable alternative, working effectively from the very first menstrual cycle.

OPKs can help you measure both follicular and luteal phases, understand your cycle, and predict your most fertile days. When used wisely, they can also alert you to potential fertility issues, prompting you to seek medical help early on.